Mini Display


Compact, professional, discreet and reliable Timing Display designed for use on podiums for timed speakers.

No external power supply requried. Hexagnonal case for custom angling to presenter line of sight.

Compatible with CountDown Touch, Filibuster, CountDown Soft.

Limited Stock Available: Please contact us for a lead time on this product.

Novel case design allows unit to be placed flat or at a viewing angle comfortable for the presenter, i.e.looking down at notes or monitor.

Mini Display

Mini Display is just that. Quite mini with a novel case design which allows the unit to be placed flat or at a viewing angle that is comfortable with a presenter, i.e looking down at their notes or comfort monitor.

It is still tri-colour and connects to the main system via a fixed standard XLR cable.  As it is a Hexagon, the display can be a 180 degrees for straight mounting or at 120 degrees for great visibility on a Lectern or podium.

Character height is 12.7mm or 1/2 inch.


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