Blue-BB - BlueTooth BalBox


Bluetooth interfacing audio balancing tool.

Professional, portable and modern.

Quick and easy BlueTooth connection to phone, tablet, laptop or computer.

Blue-BB is a Bluetooth-interfacing tool, which provides audio balancing, and is designed to address all your audio needs in the modern professional AV market. 

Blue-BB - Blue BalBox

The Blue-BB provides a simple but effective means of connecting a Phone or Mobile device via Bluetooth receiver, to a professional sound system via XLR ports.

Main Features

  • Stereo / Mono switch.
  • Single Mono output from Right XLR port
  • Simple connection to your computer audio system via Bluetooth receiver
  • Professional-quality audio output via XLR ports
  • USB powered
  • Bandwidth 20Hz—20Khz
  • Pad– reduces the output to microphone level.
  • Gnd Lift– switchable grounding on outputs to isolate the shield and ground on the XLRs and reduce hum or cross-talk effects.
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