3-Button Wireless Remote Control with Laser Pointer


3- Button Wireless Remote Control with optional extras of Blackout button and Laser Pointer.

Suitable for use with all MasterCue V5 USB and V6 twin button Models, or MicroCue2/3.

Suitable for use only with MicroCue, the 3-button wireless remote control provides for default Forward, Back and Go-to-Black cues and a laser pointer

3-Button Wireless Remote Control with Laser Pointer

We are pleased to announce our new improved handset now with an integral class 2 laser.

The new Laser Handset has been totally redesigned; A new style enclosure which is narrow and longer to fit in the hand better. A finger notch on the rear holds the handset in position whether you are left or right handed. Laser-triangle_forwebThe same tactile buttons with the addition of a 4th tear drop shaped button to activate the Green Laser.

With 2 batteries we can ensure the high drain from the laser does not interfere with the transmitter (albeit nearly 1 hour continuously using laser) The Transmitter has a calculated operation of over 100,000 button pushes. The LEDs on the handset show Green, Red and Yellow for Next, Back and Black button pushes. They also have a secondary role, when the battery is getting low they will flash yellow twice for about 2 seconds after the initial button indication, to show the battery will need changing soon. It will of course last a long time, easily enough for the rest of show.

The control unit displays colour coded cues via a visual display as well as producing audible cue sounds which can be monitored via headphones if required. The line-of-sight range in an enclosed venue typically exceeds 100m

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