Simple to use timing control unit, designed for use in council chambers but able to be used in any environment.

Requires technican to programme and very simple and quick to use when programmed.

Compatible with our separately available Timing Display units and Traffic Light units in easily tailored combinations.

FiliBuster has been based the on ClockWatch, to provide a simple yet effective timing solution for public meetings and debates, where a clear visual display of elapsed time is required.

Designed for use with the Combi-Tower (but not exclusively) this system will give everyone a good clear signal of when to begin and cease talking.

The unit is AC Mains powered, and has 2 XLR connectors for the Big, Standard and Mini numeric displays as well as the Combi-Lamp and Combi-Tower, to give a tailored system for your presenters to run to time.

Complete with 4 memory locations for fast preprogramed times, and the Filibuster will also count past zero when in countdown mode.

System Bundle includes:

1 x FiliBuster main unit

1 x Power cord

1 x Manual

14 Items

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