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In 1998 Interspace Industries was formed to create products for the corporate live events industry. Quality is paramount in conjunction with "fit for purpose". All of our products carry a 3 year Warranty against parts and all of our distributors service locally. We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction. All of our products are Fully CE certified. We test in our Anechoic chamber to relevant standards our transmitters are tested to CE (RED) and FCC standards. Our cable infrastructure has always been on XLR (Mic Cable) as this is industry wide and rugged (XLR cable is not supplied unless asked for). As new products are designed Cat5 cabling is now commonplace as is Ethernet, the combination of these infrastructures can only strengthen our products' usability.


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Please browse our product catalogue, but bear in mind we can only accept orders on this website from territories not covered by other distributors.  To find out if there is another distributor for your area please visit our distributor list.

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