A new Brand from Hive Industries, A selection of electronic test equipment to help solve those little problems in electronic design.


Test systems and circuits to prove ideas

So, me, Dave, - I am an Electronics Engineer of 40 years plus and a pretentious designer for the last 25. I would like to think I am an OK engineer, but there are so many really good engineers out there who I continually learn from.

Not quite Perfect but Perfect enough.

All of these projects are handmade, so these may not be quite square. These projects are aimed at people who know that voltage can kill you! Having said that, all the projects are for use below 45VDC.

GeekTools.Pro is another brand from Hive Industries Ltd and all sales are made through it. This brand is aimed at the engineers who make and fix stuff.

What am I doing?

Makers, Creators and Designers

We all like to tinker and see what can be made, and I love seeing what some of the great designers out there do and they influence me too. I hope to share some of my ideas and products with you, if you like them - buy some! If not, then create your own and share forward your summed knowledge.

All of the ideas here are tested and working. I have not tested unknown/stupid parameters of course, so if you plug 12V in to a 3v3 and let the smoke out - it is your fault! Everything is built with CE in mind and Technical Constructional Files are generated for all products. RoHS is adhered too and most components are sourced through UK stocking companies.

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